Install a flip out car stereo and upgrade your vehicle to the latest technology trends. The old traditional knobs and numbers are quite boring. You must look for a change or variation on your car dashboard. The best way is to enhance the single DIN 7 by 2 inches dashboard to the 7 inch flip out touchscreen car audio.

The people who want to enjoy a large nice touchscreen on their vehicle dashboard should invest in a flip up screen car stereo. Some people found satisfaction with their single DIN head unit. But, the scenario of having a large touchscreen is not possible with single head units. The enhanced version of single head units with a flip-out touch screen and the retractable display is named as “flip out car stereos with navigation”

A car radio flip out screen is designed with a large motorized screen to slide out from the head unit and then flip up by pressing the single button. Anyhow, finding the best single din flip out radio is just a few clicks away from you. However, to hunt a flip screen car stereo with exclusive features and a nominal price is quite a technical task.

Here we provide a complete buying guide to make you acknowledge about the top 8 flip out car stereo available in the market. These pop out screen car stereo are launched by the top rated and trusted brands. Explore more about features and specifications of these car stereo flip out screen.

Best Product on Amazon

Serial NoProduct Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Pioneer Flip out Android Auto (AVH-3500-NEX)

2- Pioneer Flip Out Android Auto (AVH-3300-NEX)

3-Pyle Single Head Touch Screen Video Audio System (PLTS-78-DUB)

4-Sound Stream Car DVD Player (VIR-7830-B)

5-Power Acoustik Flip Out DVD Receiver (PTID-8920-B)

6-YODY Single Din Car Stereo (Android 9.0-2G)

7-Power Acoustik Single Din Receiver (PDN-721-HB)

8-Jensen Flip out Bluetooth Receiver (VX-3518)

  1. Pioneer Flip out Android Auto (AVH-3500-NEX)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.
  2. This slide out screen car stereo is also compatible with web links.
  3. It has a built-in navigation system.
  4. This flip up car radio is equipped with parking assistant guidelines.
  5. It is compatible to work with SiriusXM and Pandora.

Pioneer is the most famous brand in the manufacturing of different electronic instruments like speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and car stereo systems. Here we are introducing to you the top rated model of car stereo by this brand.

If you visit the market, you will see that Pioneer has a track record of manufacturing outstanding car audio components. This company offers different types of in dash flip out screen in a cheap to an expensive range.

According to the company, The AVH-3500-NEX is among the best flip out screen car stereo. This DIN head unit has a 7 inches touchscreen to go from 1 DIN full-on car entertainment.  The touchscreen display has plenty of customization options. This flip screen car radios can be connected with iPhone or android when it folds out using a USB cable. This will help you to control in a safe and convenient way.

Besides all the above, a car stereo with pop up screen is supported with a DVD/CD player, Bluetooth, and wireless music streaming.

2. Pioneer Flip Out Android Auto (AVH-3300-NEX)


Highlighted Features:

  1. The display has a multi-color illumination.
  2. The best flip out head unit comes with a customizable touchscreen display.
  3. It is equipped with a Bluetooth audio streaming system.
  4. The receiver has an internal amplifier.
  5. The display is a VGA supported touchscreen

Let us introduce to you another the best flip up stereos for cars by Pioneer. This model AVH-3300-NEX is high on the list if you want a budget-friendly flip up stereo deck.

According to the company, it is featured with all the important features that you want. It has a big 7 inches display that has a lot of customizable settings, with a resolution of 800*480 pixels. The flip out stereo navigation has a multi-color illumination with different background screen options. It also has the feature of automatic dimming according to the surrounding light.

In addition, the company has provided a partially detachable faceplate to protect from theft.

The touchscreen is easy to operate and is quite responsive. This flip out car stereo system has a large volume knob and some other radio tuning and track navigation buttons. There are some hard buttons such as voice activation, opening and closing the screen, and the main menu button.

However, this flip out radio with Bluetooth allows you to control some compatible smartphone apps via touchscreen.  With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can make wireless music streaming and hands-free calling.

According to the company, this flip out car radios system has a USB port and an aux-in jack. It also supports rearview camera inputs.

3. Pyle Single Head Touch Screen Video Audio System (PLTS-78-DUB)


Highlighted Features:

  1. This fold out screen car stereo is available in both single and double din android.
  2. It supports a rare camera for protection in parking.
  3. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to answer calls without the use of hands.
  4. It has a 3.5mm front Aux input and RCA output connectors.
  5. It comes with a multicolor illumination display.

If you are running short of budget and still looking for the flip out touch screen car stereo, then try this Pyle PLTS-78-DUB. This brand has put together all the important features at a very reasonable price.

This flip face car stereo has a 7 inches touchscreen with a resolution of 800*480 pixels. Like many other flips out systems, it also has a multicolor illumination display. It has a detachable deterrent faceplate for theft protection.

According to the company, it has a USB port, a CD/DVD player, SD card reader, and auxiliary input ports. For making your journey more convenient, it has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity and a microphone for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.

This flip out touch screen radio for cars has only 2 parametric equalizers with selectable tone curves. For enhancing the listening experience, it is equipped with a dynamic soundstage organizer. This will let you feel that the sound is coming from a location where speakers are not installed.

However, this touch screen radio flip out lacks audio tuning controls, and a low pass and high pass filters.

4. Sound Stream Car DVD Player (VIR-7830-B)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod.
  2. The single din flip out screen comes with a detachable faceplate.
  3. It is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity system.
  4. The audio system has CD, DVD, MP3, and WMA players.
  5. It supports the rear view camera.

This brand is very famous in the manufacturing of inexpensive flip out car stereo. This is the perfect option if you want a stylish single DIN head unit with a touch screen.

It comes with a 7 inches flip-out touchscreen display that has large buttons and an easy to use the navigation menu. Like many other flip up car stereos, it comes with a detachable deterrent faceplate to prevent theft.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, it has a CD/DVD player, SD Card reader, an AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm front auxiliary input, and front USB port.

According to the company, this single din flip out radio has pre-amp outputs for expanding your rearview camera input, car sound system, and dual-zone for overhead entertainment and the rear seat. This single din flip out screen has only 3 parametric equalizers with no audio tuning setting/controls. 

5. Power Acoustik Flip Out DVD Receiver (PTID-8920-B)


Highlighted Features:

  1. This flip screen car stereos come in both with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth models.
  2. It can be connected to triggered camera input.
  3. This flip out car stereo has 80 Hz Crossover RCA output.
  4. It supports 32 GB SDHC cards.
  5. You can synchronize your phone contacts.

Let us introduce to you a new brand Power Acoustik that is famous for the designing of stylish flip out single din head units with a touch screen.

This flip out car stereos with navigation is a little bit inexpensive as compared to Kenwood and Pioneer. However, according to the company, do not expect advanced features and technology in these car stereo flip out screen.

This model PDN-726B is a budget-friendly car radio flip out screen and comes with a 7 inches customizable touchscreen display. The display has a resolution of 800*480 pixels. The flip out screen radio comes with a deterrent detachable faceplate for theft protection.

In addition to CD/DVD drive, it also has SD card reader, Front Aux, AM/FM tuner, Bluetooth, and USB port. Like some models, it has a pre installed GPS navigation system (turn by turn) only for the USA.

However, this fold out screen car stereo has Mobile Link X2 software that allows you to keep an eye while giving access to most of your phone’s features. It is equipped with 3 band parametric equalizers, 10 Band audio equalizer, and 7 selectable tone curves with user preset.

6. YODY Single Din Car Stereo (Android 9.0-2G)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It delivers a crystal clear sound.
  2. This flip out car stereo with navigation and Bluetooth is easy to install.
  3. There is no remote control and a DVD/CD reader.
  4. The GPS system processing is very slow.
  5. It is compatible with only Android devices.

Another very recognizable name in the manufacturing of flip out cd player is YODY. These models look similar to an Android tablet only for your wagon.

According to the company, this best flip out car stereo has both GPS and Wi-Fi access so that you are constantly connected while you are on the highway.

As earlier, it is mentioned that its working is similar to an android tablet, so you can install different apps to play with your unit. You don’t need to be upset about storage, because this pop out screen car stereo comes with a mini memory SD card reader. So you can also download big apps like Hulu and Netflix.

According to the customers, the biggest drawback of this flip out car stereo is that it has no DVC/CD reader that is a must in such systems. Another negative point of this cheap flip out touchscreen car stereo is that it works with smartphones (only Android), so if you are using an Apple device, then never purchase this model.

The illumination of the display is not good, so it is difficult to see the LCD when any sunlight smashes the screen. Similarly, if it is a sunny day or something else blocking sunlight, then again, you are going to be experiencing plenty of shine.

7. Power Acoustik Single Din Receiver (PDN-721-HB)


Highlighted Features:

  1. The GPS system includes 17 million preinstalled programs.
  2. This slide out touch screen car radio includes a rare and front USB port.
  3. It has a power output of 50 watts.
  4. This slide out car stereo contains certain harmful chemicals that cause cancer.
  5. It can be connected to a back camera for safe parking.

This single din flip up car stereo is known as the jack of all trades but a master of none.

According to the company, iGO primo navigation system is perhaps the fastest system and tells you all you need to know. This flip up touch screen radio has a 7 inches touchscreen with outstanding clarity. With the help of a Phone-link integration function, you can easily allow the users to access their tablets and smartphones.

Moreover, this flip up screen car stereo has a Bluetooth connectivity feature that allows you to transfer information quickly. With the help of built-in microphones, you can listen to a crystal clear and distortion-free sound. You can tune the music according to your preferences with the help of a 10 band parametric equalizer.

Some other important features of this flip out car stereo includes the USB port and connectivity with the back camera.

8. Jensen Flip out Bluetooth Receiver (VX-3518)


Highlighted Features:

  1. It comes with a DVD/CD receiver.
  2. It has a 7 inches touchscreen display.
  3. This single din flip out head unit includes USB, DVDs, and CDs devices.
  4. Bluetooth allows you a hand free calling and texting.
  5. This fold out car stereo is available at a reasonable price.

In the list of the best flip out car stereo, Jensen is also a very famous brand. According to the market survey, it is among the best  7 inch flip out touchscreen car audio within a reasonable price range. It comes with all the necessary functions.

This in dash flip out screen has a 7 inches touchscreen that has a motorized retractable screen. It is equipped with a built-in iPhone, iPad, and iPod controls so that you can access your personal devices.

Thus flip out touch screen radio for cars allows you hand free texting and calling because of the Bluetooth connectivity. It also includes a microphone that allows you to make calls with the help of the gizmo commands system.

This best flip out head unit allows you to play audio/video content with the help of USB, CDs, and flash drives. It has a peak power of 200 Watts to new and exciting levels.

The built-in 8 band equalizer offers you to customize the tunes according to the desired prerequisite. With the help of front AUX and Rear AV inputs, you can add versatility. This flip face car stereo is compatible with SiriusXM and Pandora.

Factors to Consider While Buying Flip Out Car Stereo – a Complete Buying Guide

Power Rating

The power rating is one of the main features to determine the functionality and performance of a flip up car stereos. The power rating refers to the number of wattages produced by the device in a small interval of time. On the other hand, RMS power determines the power generated continuously. Thus, you should be clear in your mind not to be deceived by the manufacturer’s emphasized power rating. Explore the specifications in more detail first then purchase a flip out car stereo.


The display of the best flip out car stereo is quite limited in terms of dimensions. Thus, the factors that are important with perspective to the display of a touchscreen is its brightness, readability, and sensitivity. If the screen has low brightness on sunny days or nighttime, then go for some other model. The interface should be user-friendly and quick to learn.

Expand Ability

Here the term expand ability means that you’re flip out cd player should be versatile to make connections with other sources. Like USB, Mobile phone call/music. Some advanced features to connect the microphone as an input device and avail the high quality picture and sound quality. In other words, your single device flip up touch screen radio can act as a multi-functional device.



Although Bluetooth connectivity is ruling everywhere, the need for the USB connectivity is still here.  Look for the USB inputs or auxiliary input devices. Look for other videos/audio outputs to connect the back seat screens or music players.


The design should be according to the interior color scheme of your car. Although these are expensive flip out screen radio that come up with the advanced features of led display or lighting options, some other user interfaces are also available that are simple but exceptional in design and price.

Top Brands to Buy Flip Out Car Stereo

Due to great market competition, here we provide you top 3 top rated and trusted brands available in the market. The products by these brands are exceptional in terms of performance, durability, and quality.




Pioneer has attained a name of trust and repute due to its exclusive home audio product series. You can buy a receiver, audio component, speakers, min&hitb, and others. Some popular models by this brand are pioneer flip out radio, pioneer single din touch screen, pioneer double din detachable face, pioneer single din flip out, and others.



Pyle is a USA brand and leading in the market as a trusted brand. The slogan of this company is Pyle on the road, which means that it is dedicated to the products that make your road journey quite entertain. For clear voice quality, video quality, music streaming, phone calls, Bluetooth, USB ports, and other features buy cheap flip out touchscreen car stereo from this brand.



Jensen is another leading manufacturing company for audio components like speakers, Double Din Car Stereo, Single DIN car stereo. The performance and quality of flip out screen car stereo are quite extraordinary. Most customer reviews are satisfactory with five star ratings.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that technology is having a fast track of development nowadays. You can’t sit and follow old dull means of living. Just take a chill with the latest improvement of car radio with slide out screen

This is not an expensive alteration. If you have a taste for the fully equipped vehicle, then don’t miss this flip out car stereo. The high-quality audio on both music or phone calls and the quick set up for car stereo is remarkable.  Apart from this, a user-friendly interface and touchscreen, mobile connectivity, and other features make it a worth buying gadget.

Hope, after exploring our flip out car stereo you will be able to find the best flip out radio at reasonable prices.

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