Guide To Buy Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor – Reviews & Rating

You must buy a cat feeder with collar sensor for multiple or single cats. This feeder is important for you to feed all your cats properly. When you have a vast collection of cats, some cats are small and fragile while others are aggressive and dominant. What happens when food is feed, the aggressive cat eat all the food while the others remain hungry. Thus, to avoid this competitiveness and to keep all of your cats feed well, you should buy collar activated cat feeder.

A cat bowl with collar sensor is a type of feeder that comes with a bowl of food protected with a cover. This cover is locked until your cat comes to eat. The sensor indicates that the cat is here for the food. The cover will automatically unlocked and slides away. Thus, your cat can have fresh food. The cover of food will remain open until your cat feeds well and move away. 

Although, there is a large variety of cat feeding station microchip in terms of sizes, styles, portion control and other options as well. Some automatic multi cat feeder provides the facility to hold multiple meals of foods and automatically serves according to your settings. This cat feeder is an expensive investment for your cats; therefore, it is important to buy reliable, and sturdy collar activated pet feeder. Following top 7 cat feeder with collar sensor will never disappoint you in performance. 


Top 7 Best Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor

Serial NoProduct Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Sure Petcare Microchip Feeder

2-Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder

3-Our Pets Selective Cat Feeder

4-Sure Flap Sealed Pet Feeder

5-Feliness Only Pet Feeding Bowl

6-Our Pets Automatic Feeder Bowl

7-Pet Safe Pet Feeder

1. Sure Petcare Microchip Feeder

Sure Petcare Microchip Feeder


Key Features:

  • It is available in a standard version and connects version.
  • Small LED will guide you when overweight with feed.
  • This selective feeder for cats can hold 13 ounces of cat feed.
  • As the cat comes in range, the lid will automatically be opened.
  • When lid closed, it is airtight that keep the food fresh for a more extended period.

Sure Petcare Microchip Feeder is designed using the latest technology. This automatic cat feeder microchip has a capacity of 13.5-ounces of both dry and wet cat food. The lid of this cat food bowl with sensor is transparent that allows you to see how much feed remaining in the feeder. When the lid cover closed, it gets airtight that helps keep the food fresh to keep your cat happy.

Moreover, this automatic cat food bowl works with a collar which is sold separately. Other than a collar, this feeder can also be operated by using 9(Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchips which got triggered as the cat come near this feeder. 

The company provides a full 3-year warranty against any defect, failure, or damage. The design of this automatic cat feeding bowls is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and then simply let it air dry.


2. Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder

Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder


Key Features:

  • It is very easy to operate a cat feeder with collar sensor.
  • It comes with 2 collar tags.
  • This feeder will keep the dogs away from cat food.
  • It works for maximum of 8 pets.
  • It gives no idea of how much dry food a cat has eaten.

If you are searching for a stylish looking automatic cat feeder than purchase this Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder. It comes with two programmable tags that makes it a suitable cat dish with timer for multiple cats. 

You can adjust the setting easily and quickly with a small control panel that permits you to program it. This wireless cat feeding dish timer has a large storage compartment that can store a lot of dry food, and when finished, you again full the storing compartment.

Moreover, its bowl sensor is lower to the ground, and cats can easily trigger it. A new feature of this automatic pet feeder station is that it also acts like a doctor. Because if you programed the feeder to reduce the feed to 30%, then this feeder will automatically cut the cat feed to 30%. This feature will allow you to manage your cats a successful diet plan. 

According to the market survey, many people like this auto cat feeder multiple cats because it comes with a broad bottom that made the setup very stable and secure.




3. Our Pets Selective Cat Feeder

Our Pets Selective Cat Feeder


Key Features:

  • Purchase collar sensor separately.
  • This feeder is not suitable for taller pets.
  • An automatic pet feeder for multiple cats
  • Bowl is operated with 3D batteries for about 40 days.
  • This feeder requires some additional parts not included in the pack.
  • Sometime lid not open properly.

Our Pets Selective Cat Feeder is the best choice for those owners who have cats of different sizes as it works well for all sizes cats.

This pet food bowl sensor has a very simple design that is easy to operate. This consists of a stainless steel bowl to hold the food and keep the food fresh for a more extended period. This small stainless steel bowl is also easy to clean.

Moreover, the lid snap will automatically close as the cat becomes out of range of the feeder, so this will prevent other animals from eating the cat food. You can also open the lid manually to refill it or to clean it.

In addition, the company provides you with a tag and an internal system to transmit frequencies that allow the lid to open when your cat comes in a range of the transmitter or near it. The bottom of this cat food bowls with lids is very sturdy and non-slip so that cats cannot be able to push it.


4. Sure Flap Sealed Pet Feeder

Sure Flap Sealed Pet Feeder


Key Features:

  • This diy cat food dispenser has a very simple design.
  • The feeding bowl is easy to clean.
  • It is not suitable for big cats or taller pets.
  • It can hold 13.5 ounces of dry food.
  • The lid will automatically close so no risk of spilling of food out of the bowl.

Sure Flap Sealed Pet Feeder comes with a flap and simple design that is easy to place anywhere in the house. 

Its stainless steel bowl glides out of the feeder so that you can easily clean it. This cat food bowl with lid has a sensor that flips the lid open as the cat comes near it. This is operated with battery, and the battery indicator tells you when to change them. 

As the cat goes out of range of the sensor, the flip will automatically be closed and air sealed so that the cat feeder wet food remains fresh for a longer period.

For training purpose, you can operate the lid manually to open and close the door to get the cat used to it.


5. Feliness Only Pet Feeding Bowl

Feliness Only Pet Feeding Bowl


Key Features:

  • This is automatic feeder for multiple cats.
  • The collar activated cat feeder is easy to remove and clean.
  • Due to bottom rubber pads, a cat can’t drag it on the floor.
  • As the lids are not airtight of this cat feeder with collar sensor, so you need to change the food once in 24 hours.
  • It has an external handle to carry easily anywhere.

Here we are introducing a different pet feeding bowl with a collar tag or microchip.

According to the company, this feeding bowl is specially designed for cats.  The plastic lid has small holes through which only a cat head can make pas because even a small dog will not be able to eat the food.

This automatic cat feeder for two cats does not use fancy technology, yet it is designed with some latest techniques. This bowl is elementary to use even for those who have never used an automatic cat feeder with timers. This multiple cat feeding station has 2 bowls so that multiple cats can take feed simultaneously.

Moreover, the company has also designed an external handle so that you can carry it anywhere easily. Due to its rubber pads and screws, your cats will not be able to drag it on the floor.


6. Our Pets Automatic Feeder Bowl

Our Pets Automatic Feeder Bowl


Key Features:

  • It uses smart technology.
  • It is the best automatic multi cat feeder at a reasonable price.
  • The battery timing of this feeder is very low.
  • It tells you about cat behavior via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.
  • The company provides 2 years warranty for this cat feeder with collar sensor.

Our Pets Automatic Feeder Bowl is similar to the wonder bowl.  This automatic cat feeder for multiple cats allows you to monitor and control the progress of your pets by utilizing the Bluetooth technology with the help of Our Pets intelligent pet link application.

The primary function of this collar activated cat feeder is to monitor the key indicators about the health of your pet. The feeder is technologically more advanced than its previous model. This model uses Bluetooth technology to see if the cat is wearing its tag or not.  

The device also monitors the cats feeding behavior and report to the owner as the device is connected to the smartphone. This cat bowl with collar sensor also indicates about the remaining battery and when to change the battery. The company provides only 1 tag, but you can purchase more tags for other pets.

In addition, the best cat food dispenser is made with stainless steel which you can easily clean with regular dishwasher. This is a good point, especially for those who are busy. 

According to some customer reviews, you just need to change the food once a day before going to work. On returning from the office, clean the bowl with simple soap and add fresh food.

According to the company, the sensor of these automatic cat feeders for multiple cats is kept at the best place because as the cat comes near the feeder, the lid automatically opens up.


7. Pet Safe Pet Feeder

Pet Safe Pet Feeder


Key Features:


If you are searching for such a cat feeder with collar sensor that can accommodate 4 different foods at the same time, then this automatic cat feeder is the best choice for your cat. 

This feeder is available at a pocket-friendly price as compared with the other available in the market. The unique feature of this cat food feeder with timer is that it lets your cat taste 4 meals a day when you are away from home.

An LCD shows all the settings. This unique feeder helps to control overeating. Each part of the tray can hold up to about 1 cup of cat food. The cleaning is very simple as the tray is removable and simple to wash. This cat food bowls with lids is operated by 4D alkaline batteries which are not provided by the company. 

  • It can accommodate 4 different meals.
  • Each portion can hold 1 cup of cat food.
  • It is the cat feeder with collar sensor available at a cheap price.
  • The BPA free plastic is used for the food tray.


In conclusion, you may not be sure why to invest such a good amount for pets. Once you invest for electronic cat feeder collar, you will find it a worth buying automatic cat food dish. These feeders will enable you to observe a clear and prominent change in your cat health. All cats will have a full stomach and happy.  There will be no fights between cats for food. You can control the weight of your cats by using portion control feature. These automatic cat feeder multiple cats will keep the food covered and fresh. In other words, they are saving you from the wastage of food and money.

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