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              The Best Men’s Cologne

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Sauvage is a cologne inspired by wide-open spaces. A composition distinguished by a raw freshness, a fragrance that’s both powerful and noble. A highly concentrated perfume with wild charm. A trail of warm sandalwood and sweet tonka bean brightened by the freshness of spicy mandarin.



2-The Diesel Fuel for Life men’s cologne.

The Diesel Fuel for Life men’s cologne gives off a crisp, clean aroma that leaves you smelling like you just showered. The juicy and rich scents of grapefruit and raspberry give the fragrance a sweetness that is not overwhelming or overpowering.




3-Creed Original Vetiver Men Millesime Spray.

Creed has a crisp, clean odor with garden-fresh fruity notes and a hint of musk that create a vintage fragrance.





4-The Nautica Aqua Rush Cologne.  

has some fresh notes of seawater and yuzu. It is a distinctive cologne that will give you a sweet aquatic smell, but at the same time, is masculine enough and comes with a refreshing scent that makes it one of the best colognes for men.



5-Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette.

Feel sophisticated and seductive with the Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette created from a freshening blend of sandalwood and aromatic cardamom. With a hint of Italian bergamot, apple, cinnamon, sweet juniper, grapefruit, and plum, this citrusy, woody, and fruity spray emits masculinity and is perfect for day and nightwear.



6-The Fahrenheit cologne.

The Fahrenheit cologne gives off a strong, earthy aroma. It is pretty pricey, but it is worth the money and lasts a long time. The smell is mostly a woodsy musk, with a  subtle refined and composed dark dr peppery finish with a splash of citrus trailing at the end.

It is picky and might not be a fit for everyone. It might be a fit for you if this represents you: fearless, flirty, conceited, jagged, strong, determined, composed, darker complexion, dark hair, facial hair.

This cologne can be overpowering. But perhaps you can pull it off. If so, you won’t fret or regret it!

7-Brut Cologne.

This classic men’s fragrance is known as the essence of men. It’s a crisp and pungent scent with top notes of bergamot and lavender that give it a fresh and green scent. It is earthy and manlike.



8-Versace Pour Homme.

Versace pour Homme is a progressive take on the classic aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. It is distinguished by the mineral-floral aroma, almost tangible, of Clary Sage and Blue Hyacinth. Amber and Musk emit a deep and sensual base note, the essence of pure masculinity.



9-Platinum Egoiste.

Platinum Egoiste is a fresh, aromatic, and distinctly modern scent for the extrovert who isn’t afraid of making himself known. A union of balance and power: This fougère-green accord has all the scented freshness of Lavender and Rosemary, intensified by a touch of Petitgrain from Paraguay. Its full heart blossoms over a robust accord of Clary Sage and Geranium, leading to a very pure base in which the amber warmth of exotic wood lingers on.



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Cherrie Bautista
1 year ago

My personal favorite is Eternity. That’s how I came to notice my now husband, lol. Your list is definitely on time. I am planning to get him something because he’s running low on his perfume. I would definitely check out the Lacoste.

1 year ago

number 5, Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette is my personal choice. I prefer those that are citrusy and woody. 🙂

Samantha Donnelly
1 year ago

I have smelt some of these recently as my husband wanted a new aftershave and was trying them, but I can not remember which we decided we liked the most.

1 year ago

Now that we are going towards the season when you cannot have enough ideas for gifts, this comes really very handy.

1 year ago

I’m not fan of men’s cologne but I will recommend this to my brother 🙂 Thanks for this!

1 year ago

This list will come in handy when I do my Christmas shopping. I agree with number 1 on your list totally. 3 men I always buy Christmas gifts for love it.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra
Kristine Nicole Alessandra
1 year ago

Great suggestions. Now I can just pick from this selection for a Christmas gift for my brother. It is so hard to pick a gift for him that he will like, so I just usually settle for something for his car. This year, I will give him a bottle of cologne. 🙂

1 year ago

Some of this cologne is new to me but I totally agree with you that the Nautica Aqua is one of the best men’s cologne. This is actually my husband’s favorite. The Fahrenheit is also a classic but yes, it can be overpowering.

Alamu Tosin
1 year ago

I really like this write up, I will make use of this idea

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