Here’s How You Can Buy Best At Home Spray Tan Machine (Online)

Today we will provide you the list of home spray tan machines. Each best at home spray tan machine in this list will surely provide comfort and facility to you at your home. Previously these products were only designed for businesses, but now they are being manufactured and used in homes for easy compatibility.

If you want to buy spray tanning machine for your business, you want to stick with one brand. But the question arises what are the best spray tan solution brands for you to choose. Another thing to wonder is why you should purchase one of these best spray tanning machines on the market for your home. Well, the answer is that if you live aside a beach or you have a pool in your house, and you love to tan your skin once in a while. Then you should have one of these best spray tan machines at your home as it will surely help you because they have some of the best spray tan reviews.

Most of the time, people don’t bother to purchase these products because they do not know how to find the best automatic spray tan machine and how to use it. There is nothing to worry about when you have our support. We will answer all of your questions by telling you the best cheap spray tan machines to buy and also what brands and factors you should consider before buying such an automatic spray tan machine

Top 7 Best At Home Spray Tan Machine Reviews

Serial NoProduct Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Black Fascination Best Airbrush Tanning Machine

2- Maximist Best Airbrush Tanning Kit

3-Norvell Airbrush Best Spray Tan Kit

4-St. Tropez Self Tan Express Pro Light

5-Naked Sun FX Design 2.0 HVLP Spray Tanning Gun

6-Belloccio Master Pro T95 Spray Tanning Guns

1. Black Fascination Best Airbrush Tanning MachineBlack Fascination Best Airbrush Tanning Machine

Key Features:

  • This complete set of best at home spray tan machine includes a spray tanning machine, tanning solution, maintenance system, and pH balanced cleanser. In addition to that, it consists of a traveling bag that helps you carry the whole package around.
  • Black Fascination comes up with a stylish, professional look. It gives one-button control for easy to use. FX-Design Spray Gun 2.0 comes up with a lot of more features. Spray patterns can be adjusted, low maintenance, and durable metal needle. All these features make it more attractive to use.
  • Best at home airbrush tanning system includes Norvell training solutions, which are Paraben-free, Gluten-free, and sulfate-free. Pure natural fragrance and a hundred percent pure Vegan.
  • Professional style skylight tent with a carrying bag is easy for beginners and mobile-friendly. This extra-large design is not only great for catching more overspray.
  • Spa Soles are unique strapless that protects the sole of your foot. These disposable hygienic sandals are attached to the bottom of your foot with skin-friendly adhesive. When finished simply remove it from the foot and dispose of the sandal 

Spray tanning allows people to achieve a bronze glow all year round without the health risks of tanning beds. Similarly, the popularity of sunless tanning has arisen after health authorities confirmed links between UV exposure and the incidence of skin. This best at home airbrush tanning system is developed according to the modern requirements, and it provides more features that make it more special spray tan.

The best at home spray tan kit has beautiful styling, including silver highlights and an ergonomic handle and applicator spray design. An ultra-compact and lightweight design make it perfect for mobile tanners. It has a simple one-button operation. The spray gun has an adjustable fluid control and sprays pattern control system. It supports horizontal to vertical patterns. If you want to use a spray tan, then you must use this best at home spray tan system.

2. Maximist Best Airbrush Tanning KitMaximist Best Airbrush Tanning Kit

Key Features:

  • It includes a professional style heavy fabric tent available in three different colors with extra-large bag size for beginners.
  • It is beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy for mobile use
  • It includes a spray head, two lids, a powerful turbine, and only requires 110 electrical voltages to operate.
  • Detailed instruction manual certifications spare parts kit included free complete new system ready to spray out of the box
  • This best at home spray tan machine provides different spray patterns like horizontal and vertical spray patterns. It also provides a flow control mechanism.

Sunless tanning, also known as UV tanning filled tanning, self-tanning, or fake tanning, refers to the effect of a suntan without the Sun. Maximist lite plus HVLP Spray Tanning System is a performance on a budget. It is a brand on which you can trust without any hesitation. The best home spray tan machine is a perfect unit for home as well as the budget-conscious mobile tech or salon startup.

This best home spray tan machine features a powerful 300 watts turbine with a spray gun, which features a German engineered spray nozzle. This best mobile spray tan machine is designed to provide maximum atomization with the least amount of overspray possible. It is a complete package with three professional spray tanning solutions for different types of skins. This best mobile spray tan machine can also be used with any other brand’s solution. Extra-large fabric tent carries a bag for more space and to move small items like towels etc.

The maximist best at home spray tan machine is very easy and simple to use, extremely lightweight design makes it more comfortable. Simple adjustments are made to control patterns. This best organic spray tan package includes two extra cups with airtight lids allowing you to change tanning solutions between applications without the need to empty and refill. It is an airbrush spray tan machine you would like to use again and again.

3. Norvell Airbrush Best Spray Tan KitNorvell Airbrush Best Spray Tan Kit

Key Features:

  • This best portable spray tan machine includes an HLVP spray system, Norvell tanning solutions, and a complete user manual/guide.
  • This best portable spray tan machine is often known as the number one brand for tanning solutions and tanning machines.
  • It is a professional tan spray system that is expertly crafted for the optimal application of Norvell Solutions.
  • Solutions included in this package do not have any kind of fragrance and have pure natural essence.
  • This is an ideal bundle system that you can use for tan spray.

Its lightweight offers ideal spray for a smooth application. It also supports adjustable spray patterns. This best professional spray tan machine works on standard 110 voltages. Shoulder straps are added to give more convenience while using this system. This best at home spray tan machine combines professional and pleasurable tanning experience for your clients.

Training solutions are formulated with micro-nutrient technology to deliver a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skins just off the beach bronze tan without the orange ton. Solutions are Sulfates-free, Paraben-free, and synthetic fragrance. These solutions contain an excessive amount of vitamins and antioxidants to protect, hydrate, and tighten skin. It uses micro-nutrient technology to boost the natural color of the body. This best professional spray tan machine includes fundamental knowledge and science of sunless training from experts.

It has a lot more features as compared to other tan spray system. Here are some points of pondering while using these best professional spray tan products. It should be sprayed from a distance of 6 inches. It does not oversaturate your skin. Before using, always clean up the equipment and let it dry in the air. Its active ingredients will interact with elements of your body within the skin cells to produce a color change, and the change will appear in 2-4 hours. Always keep in mind not to let your skin catch moisture for at least 8 hours of application. This best spray tan machine for home use might not give better results in chlorinated pools.

4. St. Tropez Self Tan Express Pro Light St. Tropez Self Tan Express Pro Light

Key Features:

  • This best at home spray tan machine allows you to control the depth of your tanning.
  • It is formulated with shade complex to improve its application for a natural-looking, and beautiful tan, this is the reason it has best spray tan machine reviews.
  • It works pretty quickly and shows a basic effect in just one hour, waiting for more time means more beautiful tans.
  • Upon application, provide complete exposure to sunlight for at least one hour.
  • It serves as a refill for st Tropez machine product.
  • You can only purchase this item as a single unit.

St. Tropez’s best spray tan machine to buy is one of the most preferred airbrush tanning kit at home in the market. It provides a high quality tanning facility. It is specially designed for those who love to have tan lines or a beautiful golden body texture. The advanced feature of this solution is that it allows you to control the effect of tanning on your body. Most of the time, while using st Tropez portable spray tan like this, you can’t have any control over the depth or intensity of how much the solution affects your body. One way of controlling such an st Tropez spray tan machine is to keep track of the amount of time you are exposed to the sunlight. The actual amount of exposure results in a specific effect and texture.

This best spray tan machine to buy eliminated such complicated procedures of controlling the effect. You just have to apply the precise amount of these best spray tan machines for the desired amount of impact. After that, you just have to take a long and comfortable sunbath and leave the rest on this solution.

This St Tropez spray tan solution wholesale works best with st. Tropez tanning machine. You just have to refill it and spray accordingly. St Tropez tan amazon machine doesn’t come in with this product, and you have to purchase it separately if you want to have an automatic and easy control on the spraying process also. This brand provides one the most advanced and affordable st Tropez tanning machines and sunless spray tan machine.

5. Naked Sun FX Design 2.0 HVLP Spray Tanning Gun

Key Features:

  • It is the only spray tan gun that is designed for women, but there is no limitation for gender. Men can use it too.
  • The cheap spray tan kit comes at a very affordable price, and it is very precise.
  • It produces a fine mist that spreads the tanning solution all over the body easily and carefully.
  • The nozzle of this hvlp spray tan gun is adjustable to different scales as needed.
  • You can also control the spray pattern for more effect. It includes vertical and horizontal fan spray patterns for quick application.
  • You can use the round pattern for highlighting purposes.
  • It has another feature called the efficient tanning, which provides the facility of using possible minimum tanning solution for each use.
  • It is made up of stainless steel, which reduces the need for maintenance.

This best at home spray tan machine is specially designed for the hands of women. Women are one of the most sensitive living things on the planet, and so are their hands. So to maintain the beauty and smoothness of their hands, this gun provides easy grip and other features, which makes it easy for women to use it. It’s a small and compact hvlp spray tan machine that operates on simple technique and without any kind of electricity.

The DIY spray tan machine is precise and shoots a mist of tanning solution particles that spread all over the skin very easily. The spread and thickness of the particles can be controlled through the nozzle of the machine. This DIY spray tan machine supports both vertical and horizontal patterns for tanning. Moreover, you can apply the round model also in case you want to have a highlighting effect. It is a high efficient machine because the hvlp spray tanning system has a special feature for compatible use of tanning solution.

It provides the facility of using just 2 oz of solution per client. This best at home spray tan machine will highly increase the profit margin by reducing the amount of solution used per customer, which will result in lowering your expense on tanning solution. You can adjust the knob if you want to have to change the amount of solution being used as per your need.

6. Belloccio Master Pro T95 Spray Tanning GunsBelloccio Master Pro T95 Spray Tanning Guns

Key Features:

  • This best at home spray tan machine is one of the most used and economical packages in our list.
  • This package includes two high-performance tanning spray guns, pint simple tan with 12% DHA solution, a tent, a user manual, and a lot more.
  •  It has a high-performance HLVP turbine machine for tanning, which can be connected to 2 different spray tanning guns separately.
  • These personal spray tanning machines also include a 12% DHA solution, which helps you tan your skin. It also consists of a manual that will help you determine how much of a solution you should apply to get the desired texture of your skin.
  • Belloccio solution pack includes a solution with 8, 10, and 12% DHA and opulence solution that allows you to spray a full range of skin tones.
  • It has a spray tanning tent for picnic purposes.

These home self tanning spray kits have the highest price and offer exactly as it costs. It is a complete package that has many items included, which are enough for a small tanning business or your personal use. As a tanning professional, it will always be a huge advantage for you over your competitors if you have a different variety of skin tones to offer.

This package includes different tanning solutions, which is a mixture of DHA and opulence solution. These portable spray tanning machines are designed in a specific way to provide a special tanning texture. For a light tanning effect, you can use the solution with only 8 percent DHA. For medium tone tanning effect, you can use the solution with 10 percent DHA, and for deep bronze skin tone, you can use the solution with 12% DHA.

The spray gun of this best at home spray tan machine is used to spray the tanning solution quickly and easily. It includes two spray guns for multiple uses at once. Moreover, it has a tent included which can be used for camping, or you can use it when you go to the beach to store the rest of the equipment.

Buying Guide:

Let us talk about what are the factors that affect the quality of these self spray tan machines and how you can choose the best spray tanning machine for home use for yourself.


Volume here refers to how much the best at home spray tan machine can store or spray in one time. It can be considered as the capacity of the device. Always find tools with high volume because the more it can save for spraying, the less you have to refill it again and again.


Many of these self tanning machines home make a lot of noise to be irritating most of the time. But now the latest devices are considering this point more seriously and are working on it. The newest spray machines produce almost no noise, which makes it very comfortable to use.


Always consider self tanning spray machines with low weight. This can increase your working output and capacity. That will surely give wings to your business.


Do check out what other accessories are provided with your best at home spray tan machine. Sometimes there is a choice for you to purchase a whole set for an affordable price. Do check out your budget and if the entire game is under your expense. We advise you to buy the complete set as it will surely help you in getting your business kick boost.

Brands To Consider

1. Norvell Spray Tan Machine For Sale

Norvell Tanning machines

Norvell provides one of the most trusted and high quality Norvell products. Each Norvell airbrush tanning kit by this brand is guaranteed to meet customer’s expectations. Amazon has the most positive Norvell spray tan machine reviews for their Norvell organic spray tan. So, it is the only platform that allows you to find the high quality and original Norvell self tanning spray by this brand. This brand also provides Norvell spray tanning machine, and all of these products have top positive Norvell spray tan reviews.

2. Maxi Mist Tanning Machine

This brand is a top competitor of the Iwata spray tan machine. Maximist lite spray tan machine mentioned in our list is its top-selling maximist spray tan gun. They do provide full maximist lite sunless spray tanning kit, which has positive maximist spray tan machine reviews. Each mini mist spray tan machine comes at an affordable price and provides high quality.

3. Australian Gold

Australian Gold

Australian Gold is a brand known all over the world because each california tan airbrush machine is guaranteed to have positive california tan spray tan reviews and high quality. This brand provides many products for self care, but california tan spray tan machine is one of their best selling and popular products.


We would like to conclude with a thought that we have provided you with the list of all the best products you can use, whether you want to buy this best at home spray tan machine as a spray tan machine professional for your business or you want to have it for yourself. Whatever the case might be, these spray tan machine kits are guaranteed to facilitate in a way no other spray tan machine amazon can do. So, do check out these hand-picked spray tanning machines for home use for you. All of these spray tanning systems for home use are available on


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