Alcohol in Beauty Products

We all know that alcohol in the whole wide world is known as a terrible thing. Some people are concerned about how bad is it to use Alcoholic products out there. As it is known alcohol consumption is dangerous through food and drinks.

There are so many misleading blogs and articles rolling on the internet. The most concerning thing is that alcohol consumption should be avoided in all conditions. Researches have shown that alcohol is the main ingredient in all skin, hair, and beauty products. 

 We hope you find this article helpful, but first, you need to distinguish between what kind of Alcohol should be avoided. 

Good Vs Bad Alcohol in Beauty Products

 This article can be an answer to the question of why alcohol is bad for the skin?

 When we are concerned about the presence of alcohol in cosmetics, we listen or see SD alcohol, Denatured alcohol, and less often isopropyl alcohol that are considered as drying alcohol.

 All these volatile alcohol products give your skin an immediate dry finish. These feel light and weigh less to the skin, more appealing to oily skin type.  Their short-term quick benefits end up giving long-term negative consequences. 

When you see these alcohol listed in the first six ingredients in the list, those beauty products going to be cruel to your skin for sure. These are simply bad for all skin types. 

There are many other fatty alcohols, that are really gentle and non-irritating to the skin.  For instance, on the label between ingredients, you will see cetyl, stearyl, and Cetearyl alcohol. These components are good to dry skin as well as gentle to all skin types if used inappropriate amount. 

You might have heard that alcohol is good for the skin and helps to absorb other ingredients to the skin. It indeed enhances the skin’s absorption of ingredients alongside; it damages the outer layer of skin that may prove more problematic than benefits.    

Is Bad to Use Products With Alcohol

As I mentioned above, alcohol can be beneficial or destructive to your skin. In the long term use of anything can be harmful. The same case is with these alcoholic cosmetics, it can enlarge the pore and increase greasiness to the skin. So, it’s good to avoid all the alcohol products if you have oily and acne-prone skin.   The higher alcohol is on the ingredient list the higher risk of a strong concentration of alcohol in the product.       

What Are the Products Without Alcohol

If you want to avoid the usage of alcohol in products look for alcohol-free products available in the market and online. Alcohol cosmetics are not gentle on sensitive skin as they can cause irritation and discomfort to the skin. Truly speaking allergies caused by alcoholic cosmetics is rare but it damages the skin slowly. 

You can find alcohol-free face wash, toner, lotion, moisturizers that are made for different skin types.


Alcohol is a key ingredient used in all cosmetics. Truth is that it damages your skin alongside it is helpful to build up the product in the skin. If you are looking for natural ingredients they are available in the markets and online. We are happy if this article is useful for you.

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