A Complete Guide To Buying The Best Electric Lawn Trimmer

We mostly judge a book by its cover; similarly, we judge the manners of the homeowner by the look of his home. As a homeowner, you have to maintain your garden by picking up the best electric lawn trimmer and trimming all the weeds that don’t let your lawn bloom because a beautiful and clean garden leaves a good impression on every person who enters or passes by the house. 

It was difficult to cut grass back in time, but now the best electric trimmer has made the process super easy. A gas or electric string trimmer requires less effort in cutting the grass. Nowadays, it is better to use the best corded weed wacker as it reaches the areas of the lawn where a lawnmower is unable to access. Therefore, it is always better to buy an electric or gas weed trimmer to trim all the uneven grass and steep terrains that other equipment is unable to do.  

You will find plenty of different types of best electric string trimmers in the market. Some are corded electric weed trimmer, and others are cordless that use batteries to work. If you want to make your lawn clean entirely then choose the best electric lawn trimmer from the list of our best corded electric string trimmer reviews:

Learn More About The Best Electric Lawn Trimmer Below

Serial No.Product Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmers 

2-Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/ Edger 

3-Black+Decker Li-On String Trimmer 

4-Dewalt Brushless Trimmer 

5-WORX Cordless String Trimmer And Edger

6-Ryobi 18V Plus Line Trimmer

7-Husqvarna Commercial Grade Weed Eater 

8-Scott Outdoor Power Tools 

9-Makita Brushless Cordless String Trimmer 

10-Sun Joe 13 in. Electric String Trimmer 

11-CRAFTSMAN V20 Weedwacker String Trimmer

1. Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmers 

Greenworks Corded Electric String Trimmers 

Key Features:

  • It comes with 10Amp powerful motor and 18″ broad cutting path 
  • This trimmer comes with a cord lock that prevents unplugging 
  • The handle comes with over-mould grip and cushion  
  • It is a light weight grass trimmer that clears heavy weeds 

Greenworks 21142 is by far one of the best corded electric string trimmer; it is capable of tackling thick grass and tough weeds. This comes with a powerful motor that uses 10Amp of energy. It spins the string at a very high speed clearing out all the plants. 

Moreover, it can also work as a best grass edge trimmer; clearing out the overgrowth on hard floors and pavements. Greenworks 18-inch corded string trimmer is easy to operate, you just have to plug in the switch, and the motor starts running. This best electric lawn trimmer accomplishes the task efficiently without exerting much effort. According to the Greenworks corded weed eater reviews, people are very much happy with the product.   

2. Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/ Edger 

Toro Corded Electric Trimmer/ Edger 

Key Features:

  • It is the best heavy duty weed trimmer and edger
  • It comes with powerful 5amp motor and an auto-feed line   
  • The shaft is made of sturdy aluminium 
  • It comes with two years of warranty 
  • It has 14 inches wide cutting width

If you are looking for the best corded weed eater as well as an edger, then go for Toro corded string trimmer. It is durable and easily handles abundant grass and weeds. The Toro string trimmer guide wheel converts to edger with the push of one button, guiding the wheel to trim the grass precisely. 

Moreover, it has a powerful motor with an auto-feed line system that dispenses automatically. You can adjust the handle of the machine as per your comfort. The shaft is made of aluminium that can withstand any stress. Toro corded trimmer is the best grass edge trimmer that rolls smoothly over the grass, eliminating tough weeds. 

3. Black+Decker Li-On String Trimmer 

Black+Decker Li-On String Trimmer 

Key Features:

  • The machine comes with 6.5 amp motor 
  • It is a small weed eater with height-adjustable shaft 
  • This is the light in weight and easy to carry around 
  • It has two-speed control with 20V voltage lithium battery 
  • It is a single line weed trimmer 

Black+Decker is known widely for its quality products. It has manufactured many models of the best string trimmer mower, but this one is a small electric weed eater that can be handled easily. It comes with a 6.5 amp motor that can effortlessly clear a small to medium yard. 

Furthermore, the telescopic shaft of this trimmer is easy to adjust according to the height. You can also turn this trimmer into an edger by rotating its head. The edger with the wheel makes sure that work is done correctly and timely. 

4. Dewalt Brushless Trimmer 

Dewalt Brushless Trimmer 

Key Features:

  • It offers you variable speed limits 
  • It has 20V max rechargeable battery 
  • Its come with ergonomic design handle for a comfortable grip 
  • Trimmer is smaller in size, but its cutting swath is 13 inches wide 

Another best electric lawn trimmer that we have on our list is by Dewalt. It comes with a brushless motor that works more efficiently and maximizes the run time. This trimmer works on a lithium-ion battery with 20V Power, which is enough to clear up the home yard. 

However, if you want to remove weeds from a large yard, then you will require an extra battery. The Dewalt Brushless Trimmer comes with a potential gear drive design that provides torque. It is easy to operate and handle. 

5. WORX Cordless String Trimmer And Edger 

WORX Cordless String Trimmer And Edger

Key Features:

  • It has a 12-inch cutting swath 
  • It comes with Command Feed spool system 
  • This instantly converts from trimmer to edger or mini-mower 
  • It comes with 20V Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • It has a set of rubber twin wheel 

The WORX string trimmer is the most powerful battery weed eater in our list. You can easily convert this trimmer into the edger for completing your lawn tasks freely and in no time. It comes with an instant line feeding controlled by a command feed spool system. The string trimmer guide wheel cleans the lines efficiently.  

Unlike other trimmers this best professional weed trimmer reaches the areas that are otherwise hard to reach; it is due to its ability of the cutting head to tilt at 90 degrees. Moreover, this best heavy duty weed eater comes with 20V batteries with additional Power that provides extended run time. WORX comes in a quick-release lever design with telescopic shaft. As per WORX string trimmer mower reviews the design of this product is suitable for your posture as it can be adjusted according to the height of the user.  

6. Ryobi 18V Plus Line Trimmer Ryobi 18V Plus Line Trimmer

Key Features:

  • It comes with a rotating head that is ideal for trimming and edging 
  • It cleans the garden and small area efficiently
  • This is light in weight and robust in use
  • It consists of an auto-feed line system

Another best electric lawn trimmer that we have in our list is Ryobi One Plus line trimmer. It is just 29.8 inches long, weed eater for short person. It is a cordless trimmer that comes with an 18V battery, perfect for carrying out small home yard jobs. 

Furthermore, it comes with auto-advances that ensure safety when the trigger is released. This premium best electric line trimmer is designed to provide maximum comfort. This light weight grass trimmer has a powerful battery that completes the work quickly. 

7. Husqvarna Commercial Grade Weed Eater 

Husqvarna Commercial Grade Weed Eater 

Key Features:

  • The trimmer runs on 25cc gas-powered motor
  • It uses unleaded gas that requires no mixing 
  • It comes with 18 inches head for cutting 
  • A translucent tank for fuel keeps you aware of fuel level 
  • It comes with two year residential use warranty

Husqvarna is a straight shaft best commercial string trimmer that features a 25cc gas-powered engine. The engine works on unleaded gas, thus saving you from mixing fuel and oil. It starts on a single pull; however, it produces a lot of noise

Moreover, this trimmer features a loop in the handle that ensures a firm hand grip and control over the machine. You can easily cover a large loop of grass with this 18 inches head cutter weed eater. You can easily change the trimmer line with a new one as it’s head features easy loading of a trimmer line. 

8. Scott Outdoor Power Tools 

Scott Outdoor Power Tools 

Key Features:

  • The trimmer runs on 7.2 volts battery that is also rechargeable 
  • You can use this for various functions like cutting and hedging 
  • It offers toolless changeable blade 
  • The cushion grip handle makes it comfortable to hold
  • Light in weight and has a pivoting head 

This electric grass hand trimmer comes with a lot of amazing features. It is light in weight and quick in action; therefore, you can carry it around without any worry. Besides that, you can recharge it any time you want. 

Moreover, this hand held grass trimmer reviews shows that it is easy to handle trimmer that comes with an interchangeable blade system. You can use it as a grass clipper or edger to clean hedges and shrubs. 

9. Makita Brushless Cordless String Trimmer 

Makita Brushless Cordless String Trimmer 

Key Features:

  • It consists of a curved shaft and brushless motor 
  • An 11 inches cutting swath 
  • Automatic speed change technology that adjusts speed and torque 
  • Manual mode to change speed as well
  • Provides up to 6000 RPM cutting speed 
  • Equipped with Matika Extreme Protection Technology 

Makita is a well-known brand, meeting the demands of people with innovative products. Cordless string trimmers are now more in need; therefore, Makita string trimmers are cordless and highest rated battery powered weed eater. It comes with a Makita BL brushless engine that extends the run time of the machine.

Apart from that this string trimmer is accoutre with automatic speed change technology. it adjusts the speed according to the requirement. It has a curved shaft and is an ideal weed eater for short person. This string trimmer consists of a reverse rotating head that quickly clears the weeds entangled in the cutting head. 

10. Sun Joe 13 in. Electric String Trimmer 

Sun Joe 13 in. Electric String Trimmer 

Key Features:

  • Equipped with 40 amp engine
  • Ergonomic handle for a firm grip
  • Features a flower guard as well
  • Converts from trimmer to edger 
  • Comes with 13 inches cutting diameter 

Sun Joe specializes in a variety of premium home tools that help you clean your house and make it look more beautiful. This best corded weed eater is equipped with a powerful motor that works efficiently. The 13 inches cutting swath makes sure that the work is done faster without leaving any weed behind.  

Moreover, the 180 degrees rotating head of the trimmer swaps from trimmer to edger. Another striking feature of this trimmer is its flower guard that protects accidental trimming of flowers or grass. The push string trimmer reviews show that Sun Joe trimmer does its job quite well. 

11. CRAFTSMAN V20 Weedwacker String Trimmer 

CRAFTSMAN V20 Weedwacker String Trimmer

Key Features:

  • Comes with three-year warranty 
  • Converts to edger as well
  • It has two speed setting one for runtime and other for Power
  • This is equipped with an ergonomic telescoping pole 
  • It has 13 inches cutting swath that clears yard within few minutes 

This best grass edge trimmer efficiently works for small yards. It comes with two-speed settings, you can either choose extended run time or more Power. The telescopic shaft comes with an ergonomic shape that enables a sturdy grip. Also, this single line weed trimmer automatically feeds the 0.065 line without causing any bumping.

A String Trimmer Buying Guide Will Help You Find The Best Electric Yard Trimmer At An Affordable Price. Here Are The Few Types Of Weed Eaters:

  • Corded Electric String Trimmer 

One of the two types of electric string trimmer is corded electric string trimmer that has a cable attached to the motor. You can use this weed eater for small to medium-sized yards. 

  • Cordless Electric String Trimmer 

Cordless string trimmer or battery-powered string trimmer is more popular because of their lightweight and convenient usage. These string trimmer are eco-friendly as well. You can use the battery-powered string trimmer for any size of the lawn. 

  • Gas-powered Weed Eater 

Gas powered string trimmers are recommended for those who have big yards. Gas-powered ones are the best professional weed trimmer as they are more powerful than the electric string trimmer.

The weed trimmer is used to maintain the edges of the yards and sidewalks prim and proper. Gas or electric weed trimmer takes comparatively less effort than the lawnmowers and cleans the yard within a few minutes. These corded electric string trimmers are also helpful for those who have back issues. 

Therefore, you have to wisely choose the best corded string trimmer out of the long list, that helps maintain your lawn and does not require much effort. You should choose a corded electric weed eater that is on budget and easy to maintain. Here are a few features that you need to take into account while buying the best electric lawn trimmer:

Battery And Power Of The Trimmer

The primary source of power for a cordless or corded string trimmer is electricity. However, if you are choosing a corded string trimmer then look for the one with high amps. Whereas, for the cordless electric string trimmer go for the one that comes with high battery voltage. You will require high power electric weed eater motors to eliminate the weeds and tough grass from the yard efficiently. Carefully read the best battery powered weed eater reviews and choose the trimmer wisely. 

  • The Layout Of The Trimmer 

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the design of the weedeater electric string trimmer. It is essential to check the layout because you will be using it for an extended period. If you select a string trimmer that is poorly designed then it will cause you trouble. Check the position of the motor and handle to ensure that the mass of the body is distributed evenly. The handle should be ergonomic to ensure proper hand grip. Also, check the weight and the length of the shaft to avoid any awkward situation. If you are tall go for a straight shaft, whereas the curved rod is comfortable for short people. However, some models enable you to adjust shaft length. 

  • Features of String

Choose the string trimmer that can restring quickly and comes with best line-feed capabilities. Also, check the quality of the string trimmer line as there are two types of string trimmer line one is a commercial grade trimmer line, and the other one is a consumer-grade line. The consumer-grade line is useful for small yards whereas the best commercial line trimmer is a high-quality trimmer and used for big yards. However, the trimmer line breaks during the process, no matter how strong it is.  

  • Weight 

Weight is an important feature of a string trimmer; don’t overlook it. Consider the weight of the whole trimmer before buying one. The electric string trimmer is lighter in weight as compared to the gas string trimmer. However, check the weight of the trimmer according to your ease. 

  • Warranty 

The best electric lawn trimmer is the one with an extended warranty. Mostly the best weed eater string trimmer offers a one year warranty. Before buying, make sure that the manufacturing company is offering after-sale services or customer services.  


People tend to use more cordless weed eaters rather than corded electric or gas trimmer. However, you need to choose the one that fulfils all your requirements carefully. As you have thoroughly skimmed the article, you are now knowledgeable enough to find your best electric lawn trimmer. Besides that always check the safety measures and take proper precautions while using the trimmer or changing the blades. 


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