Best Essential Oils Storage Box Or Organizer Case To Arrange Your Stuff

You must need an essential oils storage box if you own an aromatherapy spa or a therapist.  There is a wide variety of essential oils, including peppermint, Lavender, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Rose, Tea tree, Jasmin, lemon, and many others. Apart from the wide range, they have different shapes and styles of packaging as well.

To arrange this stuff on shelve or draw can result in great mismanagement when your customer demands a particular essential oil. You just start putting the bottles of the essential oils here and there to find one of them. Instead of getting messy, it’s better to go for essential oil display cases. These essential oil storage cases have multi compartments and spaces to arrange them in a particular order.

Essential oils have great benefits; therefore, people having awareness start gathering their collection at home. The wooden essential oil holder boxes are useful for your home collection as well. These essential oil storage containers protect your essential oils from sunlight and weather changes. 

Here we provide you with the top 7 best essential oils storage box that are worthy of buying. This list includes top-rated and trusted brands available in the market.


Top 7 Essential Oils Storage Box Reviews

Serial NoProduct Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Tress wellness Oil Storage Bottles

2-Aroma Outfitters Wooden Oil Storage Box

3-MP Oil Organizer Box

4-Myuz Oils Wooden Oil Case

5-Earth’s Gift Essential Oil Case

6-Soligt Oil Storage Box

7-Aroma Designs Oil Box Organizer

1. Tress wellness Oil Storage Bottles

Tress wellness Oil Storage Bottles


Key Features:

  • It is an expensive essential oil bottle storage.
  • These wooden boxes for essential oils can hold 75 bottles.
  • Each drawer is divided into a small compartment.
  • The company provides 350 essential oil labels.
  • This wooden essential oil display is designed with natural state wood.

Let us introduce you to an essential home item that is essential oil storage boxes. Tress Wellness is a very famous brand that has launched different types of essential oils wooden storage box.

Tress Wellness Wooden Storage box has a unique design that can hold 75 bottles. The complete essential oil wood case consists of 3 tier drawers. Each drawer has the capacity to hold a bottle of different sizes. The lowest or the last drawer can hold large essential oil bottles.

Moreover, the containers for essential oils got a stylish handle to keep the complete case. The unique thing is that if you are traveling and also want to carry oil, then this essential oil storage container is the right choice for you. You don’t need to worry about spilling of oils out of bottles as it keeps the oil bottles in an upright position. All 3 tiers drawers stay intact and closed.


2. Aroma Outfitters Wooden Oil Storage Box

Aroma Outfitters Wooden Oil Storage Box


Key Features:

  • The compartments have padded foam to avoid breakage.
  • This essential oils storage box can hold 68 bottles.
  • It can hold a bottle of 5 to 15 ml.
  • The company also provides free oil labels.
  • The essential oil box holder is made from natural pine wood.

Spending an organized life is the dream of every human. This means you placed everything in place, and you can find it when you need it without any difficulty.

This is the case of oil bottles that got mixed or sometimes may spill. This problem is solved by Aroma Outfitters Wooden Oil Storage box. These storage cases for essential oils can hold 68 bottles and is different from the other models available in the market. 

In addition, a new feature of this essential oils box wooden is that it is padded with foam, and the compartments are uniquely designed for roller balls. This foam padding sides keep the bottles safe from breakage and spilling of oil while traveling. The foam padding can be easily removed or replaced. 

Another unique feature of this storage box for essential oils is that it has a slanted compartment that keeps the bottles upright so that you can read the name of the bottle and find your required bottle in no time.


3. MP Oil Organizer Box

MP Oil Organizer Box


Key Features:

  • The company provides a cap remover.
  • This essential oils storage box has a hinged clasp to keep the lid closed securely.
  • It is easy to carry anywhere.
  • There is no danger of oil sports inside or outside the box.
  • It is available in 2 sizes (36 bottles or 49 bottles)
  • Best way to store essential oils


If you are searching for storage ideas for essential oils, then purchase this MP Oil Bottles Organizer. This organizer has sturdy construction with a smart design.

Furthermore, its large storage size offers enough space to stand upright to hold 36 bottles of between 5 to 15 ml. Other than these 36 bottles, it can also accommodate 10ml roller bottles. Its special and unique design offers adequate protection against sunlight and high temperatures.

Furthermore, the elegant look and unique design make this essential oil wooden holder attractive inside and outside. According to the company, its fabulous wooden construction makes it stylish and attractive. As the product is made from safe material, so it is safe for use for its users.


4. Myuz Oils Wooden Oil Case

Myuz Oils Wooden Oil Case


Key Features:

  • It is the best essential oils storage case at a reasonable price.
  • There is no danger of spilling of oil inside the box.
  • It can hold 68 bottles of 5 to 15 ml.
  • This is designed with classical natural wood.
  • This essential oil wood box got 5 star rating from 71 % users.

Myuz Oils wooden oil case structures a modern design that is safe for keeping your oils safe. People, when looked at its elegant and attractive design, think that it is a handcrafted essential oil carrying case.

It has a storage capacity of 68 bottles of between 5 to 15 ml. According to the company, it has a classical wooden construction that makes it more safe and durable. This is designed in such a way that it allows you to access your wooden essential oil boxes quickly.


5. Earth’s Gift Essential Oil CaseEarth’s Gift Essential Oil Case


Key Features:

  • The company offers a lifetime warranty
  • This essential oils storage box is made from pine wood.
  • It can hold 36 bottles.
  • Its padded foam keeps the bottle safe from breakage.
  • Lids are designed to stay open at an angle of 90 degrees. 

Earth’s Gift Essential oil case can hold most of your bottles. The box of this essential oil holder box is of a 6*6 grid and has the capacity to holds 36 bottles with a size of 5 to 15ml.  In addition, it can also hold 10ml bottle rollers. 

Its special removable foam padding protects the bottles during traveling. The company also provides free labels for your bottle caps. The essential oil wooden case has a measurement of 8.5*8.5*3.75 inches. 

Despite having ample space, it offers safety for your oil boxes. Due to its handcrafted essential oil wooden storage box design, the essential oil wooden storage box looks more elegant and stylish. The unique thing is that its lid remains open at an angle of 90-degrees. 


6. Soligt Oil Storage Box

Soligt Oil Storage Box


Key Features:

  • It can hold 64 bottles of 5 to 15ml.
  • This essential oils storage box can also hold 8 roller bottles of 10ml.
  • This wooden essential oils box is 100% handcrafted.
  • It offers you a simple and elegant sleek design.
  • It can be used as a gift for different functions.

Different wooden essential oil holder arranges their oil boxes in a very presentable and attractive manner.  Select Oil Storage Box is large enough to hold up to 64 boxes ranging between 5 and 15ml.

Besides these 64 boxes, these essential oil storage containers also have an additional 8 compartments for roller bottles of 10ml. The company provides 2 sheets of cap labels and a bottle opening tool. According to the company, its natural unfinished surface and 100% handcrafted construction give it a perfect look. 

For handling, it comes with strong hinges and an ergonomic handle. Like many other essential oil storage cases, the lid hinges also slant at an angle of 90 degrees.

7. Aroma Designs Oil Box Organizer

Aroma Designs Oil Box Organizer


Key Features:

  • You can customize this essential oils wooden box.
  • The company provides 288 stickers.
  • A metal lid remover is also included in the pack.
  • It can hold 35 bottles of 30ml.
  • The dividers are removable. 
  • Easy and efficient storage for essential oils

If you are searching for a durable and attractive pine wood constructed, then purchase Aroma Designs Oil Box OrganizerAccording to the company, these beautiful essential oil cases storage can hold 35 bottles. Each bottle measures up to 30 ml. Your expensive oils will remain safe in this high-quality classy box. 

With the divided design a latching lid, it will save space in your house. This large essential oil box is designed to make your essential oils organized and accessible in a very informal way at all times. It is also easy to carry anywhere, as it is very lightweight. 


Buying Guide For Best Essential Oils Storage Box:

While buying the best essential oils storage box, the following are some key factors to keep in mind. 

  • Capacity:

The first thing to make sure is the capacity of the essential oil wood box. As the size is a varying factor for essential oil holder box to box. Some essential oils storage containers can accommodate 45 bottles, while others can only hold 20 bottles.  Therefore, it is essential to verify the capacity of an essential oils storage box.

  • The Material:

The material of an essential oil wooden case should be durable, strong, and sturdy. However, you can find different wooden, metal, and other materials used for these essential oil storage chest. Choose the one with the warranty and other maintenance policies. 

It is important to mention some trustworthy brands in this regard as market competition make it quite difficult for us to decide the right brand. 


70 Bottles Oil Cases – True Wellness


If you are seeking a high capacity offering essential oils storage case then true wellness has solved this problem. It comes up with an essential oil carrying case that can accommodate up to 70 bottles in one box. True wellness has attained a great market due to its portable, durable, and high capacity essential oil storage ideas.

Ideal for Tall Roller Bottles – Aroma Outfitters


Aroma Outfitters is one of the most demanding brands in the market. The reason is that it offers a great capacity to accommodate up to 100 bottles in one space. It provides a compact and portable design wooden essential oil boxes. The best thing about its products is that it allows space to adjust tall roller bottles in a single wooden essential oils box

Eye-catching Beautiful large essential oil case – MP


The series launched by MP is famous due to its artistic designs and engravings on essential oils wooden box.  If you are searching for some beautiful and elegant essential oil wooden storage box then go for the MP brand. The storage for essential oils has become quite compact and easy by these storage containers for essential oils.


In conclusion, essential oils have great health benefits for stress and anxiety relief, headache and migraines betterment, ideal for insomnia patients, reduces inflammation and antibiotic and anti-microbial benefits as well.  Therefore, everyone rushes for the wide collection of essential oils. But, they get damaged, break down, or mixed with others due to careless of the owner. 

Hence, it is essential to protect, arrange, and store your essential oils in an essential oils wooden case that are specially designed for this purpose. You can save about 100 bottles of different sizes and shapes in a large essential oil box. Here we enlist the top 7 best essential oils storage box to buy at reasonable prices. I hope you find a wooden box for storing essential oils that meets your needs. 


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