Buying Guide for Best Postpartum Underwear -top 8 of 2022

Childbirth is hard, but a magnificent moment in women’s lives! As you have given life to a human being but as it is a beautiful moment but starting few days are a nightmare for the mother.  Usually, women are not aware of postpartum bleeding. Either it is a natural delivery or C-section in both cases you are followed by a viginal discharge for a couple of days that needs special postpartum care. Getting rid of this situation is inevitable. That’s why it is important to find the best postpartum underwear to wear as a solution to this problem. The best postpartum underwear to wear provides comfort, elasticity and is also convenient for the skin after a C-section incision and good coverage.

Importance of the Best Underwear for Postpartum

After giving birth to your loved one your priority is taking care of your little one. But it is important to remember that first, you should take care of yourself so that you can take care of your baby as best as you want!

Giving birth causes inflammation and bleeding in the most sensitive areas due to which you feel difficulty in your routine tasks and take care of your baby. Luckily the maternity underpants after delivery will provide you the support and protection to your abdominal and vaginal region that will especially important if you go through the C-section. In some cases, abdominal muscles also stretched out during the gestation period which makes the process of getting old size. With post-pregnancy underwear support, you can hold your stomach, hips, and waist to readjust your body to fit in your older clothes.

Common Postpartum Underwear Material


It is disposable, lightweight disposable panties after delivery that offer much support.


Cotton is a soft and breathable material and makes it a popular choice but unfortunately cotton stains easily.


It is a compression material that is enough to provide support and provides enough elasticity for convenience. Spandex is more moisture-resistant than cotton. 


It is also very soft and provides maximum moisture absorption.

Our List of Best Postpartum Underwear

Serial NoProduct Name Product Image View Price On Amazon
1-Hansilk Mesh Underwear After C Section

2- Leonisa Post C Section Panties

3-Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

4-Upspring Baby C Panty After Cesarean Underwear

5-Frida Mom Disposable Underwear

6-Dodoing High Waisted Panties
7-Fruit of the Loom Panties; Pack of 6
8-Hasocare Disposable Panties

There are many kinds of the best underwear for postpartum moms who want to regain their size to comfortably adjust with their young ones. So without wasting time let’s start;

1. Hansilk Mesh Underwear After C Section



Highlighted Features

  • Hansilk offers breathable, lightweight, hospital panties after delivery made up of polyester and spandex. 
  • It works best in both c-section or vaginal delivery. Due to the high waste, it does not irritate the surgical incision. 
  • These multipurpose(designed to hold pads, leakproof) mesh underwear for after birth are valuable in a wide range of sizes for your convenience. 

Hansilk maternity underpants after delivery is a perfect blend of spandex and polyester to provide comfort and breathability to moms without causing irritation. These stretchable post-pregnancy mesh underwear are multipurpose that are just like hospital underwear you receive before leaving the hospital. Due to its high waist, it works best for c-section because it does not irritate the incision area.

These mesh underwear for after birth are easily washable and disposable. In addition to these, you can also use these Hansilk mesh panties after c section with a griddle to get compression or support. Although these maternity underpants after delivery are affordable but do not last for long.

  • Multipurpose mesh underwear for after birth
  • Just like hospital panties after delivery
  • Affordable
  • You can only wash it by hand.

2. Leonisa Post C Section Panties

Leonisa Postpartum Underwear for Women - C-Section High Waist Girdle Panty with Adjustabe Belly Wrap at Amazon Women's Clothing store


Highlighted Features

  • Leonisa brief panty girdle is best to get back into shape due to which you feel yourself again. 
  • It is made up of polyamide and elastane with adjustable velcro for a perfect fit. 
  • This multifunctional Leonisa brief panty compression panty is specially designed for C-section incisions. You can also use this leonisa brief panty compression for a natural delivery. 

leonisa brief panty girdle is perfect mesh underwear for after birth that you can select to get back into shape. The elastic waistband and leg band are covered for no panty lines with perfect reducing strength. With Velcro sides, you are able to adjust it according to your requirement. leonisa’s postpartum girdle reviews are it works best on the tummy area and pushes the stomach back to its original position.

Under sweatpants and jeans, it is not noticeable. So if you have C-section delivery then this compression panties after c section is a highly recommended product that particularly works on the scares located. It is also best for a normal delivery situation due to its perfect blend.

  • Multifunctional
  • the best underwear after c section
  • Not noticeable under clothes
  • Only wash by hand

3. Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear & C-Section Recovery Maternity Panties 5 Pack: Clothing & Accessories


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect ultra-soft mesh panties after birth that are specially designed for holding post-surgery dressings and pads perfectly without causing irritation.
  • It settles easily on your C-section line and covers your post belly without sinking in your skin.
  • These lace bands mesh panties after surgery can be used up to 12 months after delivery.
  • Kindred Bravely is the best alternative to hospital panties after delivery.
  • The positive thing is this maternity underpants after delivery is available in a wide variety of colors with every size.

If you are fed up with disposable panties for ladies and looking for some better sexiest option then Kindred Bravely mesh panties after c section is the best option for you. These panties allow you to sit comfortably and help you to recover soon without digging into your skin. These lace bands mesh panties after surgery offers full coverage without irritating your skin and providing you the sexiest look.

Due to the extremely soft material and stylish look these mesh panties after birth can be used up to 12 months after postpartum. It is easy to wash cycles and it is convenient to use. It is available in a vast range of sizes with a variety of colors. In short, it is the best postpartum underwear for tackling your annoying situation.

  • soft and elastic 
  • high enough to be comfortable after a C-section
  • Easy wash cycle
  • Little bit pricey

4. Upspring Baby C Panty After Cesarean Underwear

UpSpring Baby C-Panty C-Section Underwear for C Section Recovery (2-Pack C-Section Underwear) at Amazon Women's Clothing store


Highlighted Features

  • UpSpring compression panties after the c section are the best postpartum underwear that works efficiently to reduce swelling and pain.
  • With a 100% silicon panel, it protects the Incision area and helps to remove the bulges.
  • This c panty after cesarean underwear helps to reduce itching, and eliminate the use of gels and scar gel pads.
  • There are no hooks, straps that irritate you so it is convenient for the incision area.

If you have a c-section birth and you are looking for comfortable maternity underpants after delivery then you will love UpSpring compression panties after the c section. To become healthy after the incision then you have a good blood flow and eliminate swelling these mesh panties after birth is best. Due to its compression material, it provides protection to the affected area and prevents irritation in the incision area.

Silicon gel lining will help your wound to heal quickly so there is no need for scar gel pads. In addition to these, your not only the incisors get the benefit but also your tummy get benefit with this high-waisted post-pregnancy mesh underwear. Its design also provides you support to your wound by stopping your underwear from rolling for bunching.

  • Provide the best support not only to your wound but also to your tummy
  • Machine washable
  • Easily fit under your clothes
  • expensive

5. Frida Mom Disposable Underwear


Highlighted Features

  • Super elastic disposable underwear for after delivery designed to keep pads in their place without causing irritation.
  • If you have an allergy problem from latex then this disposable mesh underwear postpartum is the best underwear after giving birth.
  • It is just like disposable mesh underwear hospitals that are available in two sizes.
  • Frida mom disposable underwear is also available in c cut that makes it the best underwear after the c section and helps to reduce pain by providing easy comfort.

Frida’s mom offers lightweight, comfortable, disposable underwear post-delivery. Due to its superb microfiber material and elastic nature, it did its job effectively and helped to keep recovery layers in place. If you have allergies from latex then disposable panties after delivery are the best underwear for after birth that is a highly recommended product for you.

It is designed to provide full converge with its perfect moisture-wicking capabilities. Fridababy is available in two sizes that usually goes with every body type. This disposable mesh underwear postpartum is also available in high-waist c section cut and make it the best underwear for after birth in case of incision birth. Frida mom disposable underwear provides full comfort and keeps the incision and recovery layers in place without causing irritation.

  • Best disposable underwear for after delivery
  • Frida mom disposable postpartum underwear is Easy to use
  • perfect moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Frida mom disposable postpartum underwear comfortably fits under your clothes
  • Pads stick with this disposable underwear for after delivery

6. Dodoing High Waisted Panties

DODOING Womens High Waist Butt Lifter Shapewear Tummy Control C-Section Recovery Panties Underwear at Amazon Women's Clothing store


Highlighted Features

  • Dodoing high-waisted panty is not just maternity underpants after delivery it is also a waist cincher that helps you to lift your tummy and provides you a sexy look.
  • The spandex with 4 steel bones will help to stay in the position and hold everything in place.
  • It effectively works on your muscles to lift and tighten them and helps to get back your size.
  • It settles well under every kind of clothes so you can carry this black high-waisted underwear comfortably for any occasion.

Just like other products in this list DoDoing maternity underpants after delivery is also a sexy multipurpose product. You can use this mesh underwear after giving birth as a waist cincher, tummy lifter, and also for c-section recovery. Due to its sexy design, you can use it comfortably under every dress without any hesitation.

Dodoing mesh underwear for after birth is made up of nylon, cotton, and spandex with 4 steel bones that make it comfortable for use. It is an affordable product but the disadvantage of this plus-size maternity support underwear is there is no crotch opening which means every time you have to remove it whole for using the bathroom.

  • Not just best underwear for postpartum but also a waist cincher to lift your tummy
  • Sexy mesh underwear with lace details
  • Easy adjustable under clothes
  • Small fitting

7. Fruit of the Loom Panties; Pack of 6

Fruit of the Loom Women's 6 Pack Beyondsoft Panties at Amazon Women's Clothing store


Highlighted Features

  • fruit roll-up underwears are a perfect blend of cotton and polyester.
  • It allows you the easy wash cycle.
  • Provides you the best support either you have a C-section or natural childbirth.

These fruit roll-up underwear are great inexpensive best post-delivery underwear. They are made up of cotton and polyester fiber that are very soft and comfortable to use. It comfortably settles on your tummy and grips your tummy until it shrinks and gets back to the original position. This is also the best panty for the body type of both C-section births or natural births. These fruit roll-up panties have an easy-to-wash cycle and are also suitable for the machines. You get 6 pairs of fruit roll-up panties in a trendy range of colors at a very affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • Soft and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Thin waistband

8. Hasocare Disposable Panties


Highlighted Features

  • The elastic and seamless design of these disposable mesh panties postpartum perfectly fits with the body.
  • Modern dry fibers quickly absorb the fluid and keep you feeling fresh and dry all day.
  • Available in all sizes and unique colors that you loved to have.

HASOCARE disposable underwear for after delivery is the best underwear for after birth that offers comfort and style to new moms. It is best in periods, maternity, and traveling. The microfiber technology absorbs all the moisture and liquid perfectly by providing you a cool and fresh effect.

These maternity underpants after delivery with cotton feel is seamless so you can use them under your denim, lines without any hesitation. These post c section panties are available in all sizes from plus-size pregnancy underwear to normal.

  • One of the best disposable underwear for after delivery
  • Multifunctional also great for traveling purpose
  • Quick absorbent technology
  • Seamless
  • stretch a little

Buying Guide for the Best Postpartum Underwear

Underwear is a cloth that will come in contact with your skin so it should be comfortable and fit easily so that it becomes functional well. And after giving birth you become more sensitive because you have an incision and at the same time you are dealing with postpartum bleeding. So you should look for some things that make you select the best underwear after giving birth. We have listed some factors that allow you to choose the best, these are as follow;


It depends upon the style and size you are going to select. If you want post-pregnancy mesh underwear that would stay in place. A common problem with plus-size underwear is usually rolled down or riding up. A tighter fit can provide support but it may dig in and cause irritation. On the other hand, a loose fit can offer convenience but it is not good under clothes.


Cleaning is important so you will keep your maternity underpants free from bacteria and bleeding. You should look for those post-pregnancy underwear supports that allow machine washing, stain-resistant with odor-proof material.


Consider the areas where you might want to offer help. You may need full abdominal support, particularly for C-area to provide support to your injury. Support may likewise thin you down to help you fit again into your old garments. Indeed, even perineal support can help join recuperate. If you need insignificant inclusion, guarantee the clothing offers sufficient help for a maternity pad.


Like any panties, you can get a great range for both financial plans and good value ranges. If you intend to wear the clothing through the end of pregnancy and postpartum bleeding then you ought to put your money into a good pair. If you need panties for momentary use then inexpensive maternity underpants after delivery might be appropriate.

Benefits of Having the Best Post-delivery Underwear


Inclusion of your incision is critical to forestall it being bumped, or stitches caught. If your incision is seeping, underwear can assist with keeping bandages or dressing spotless and dry.


Moms usually worried about the stitches to open them bursting open. But the best underwear after giving birth will provide your wond support and will reduce anxiety.


postpartum panties are soft, elastic, and comfortable in nature. This encourages them to suit perfectly, and an entirely agreeable glove. Trust me; you would prefer not to wear pants that delve into your most delicate stomach or rub against your swollen groin.


postpartum panties apply pressure or help to molding pull in your belly, midriff, and hips. These areas can be a little heavy after birth as you put on weight to support your pregnancy and breastfeeding. By thinning them down, you can get once more into your usual garments and feel somewhat more human again following nine monotonous months.


We understand postpartum bleeding is very hard so we list The best postpartum underwear that provides you the comforts on your most irritating days. For me, the best post-delivery underwear should be soft, comfortable, and light so that you can do your work without any disturbance. But it is important to remember which one is right according to your need especially if you have c-section childbirth.

Still, we assure you that all the products in our article are the best postpartum underwear and won’t let you down. Use our guidelines to choose the best according to your requirement.


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