Nail It With Pretty Nails for a Flawless Look

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Drecode False Nails Bling Rhinestone Star Pink Square Full Cover Fake Nails Simple Party Acrylic Nails

These stars will make your nails look stellar and celestial. It is truly a unique design and provides a luxury look without having to apply excessive glitter.Take only 3 minutes to apply at home instead of 30 minutes in a salon shop. Not to mention,  not having to pay for a costly bill, Get ready to have your friends marveled!

Stars Confetti Glitter Four-Angle Star Laser Sequins for DIY Crafts, Nail Art Decoration

If you desire to do star nails, but in your unique way, then the first and most important thing you might need is, of course, stars! These stars are available in various colors to choose fromand are holographic. Not to mention, they have high luster and color retention. So, what`s holding you back? Get those star nails done!

ILNP Summer Stargazing – Royal Blue Holographic Nail Polish

Make your nails look starry by using the ILNP Summer Stargazing Royal Blue Holographic Nail Polish. This nail polish is of high quality, lasts long & dries fast. Also, it is Cruelty-Free and has a saturated, vivid color. Be ready to get tons of compliments!


Rosé Sparkle – Long Sculpted Stiletto 20pcs full cover false nails

These Rosé Sparkle Long Sculpted Stiletto 20 pcs full cover false nails will make everyone ask you where you got these done from! As they have an extra-long instant manicure salon finish. It is of high quality, is made of a long-lasting material that fits well into your natural nails. And can be customized and resized by cutting or filling down the nails, Glue is not included.

I.ME 24 PCS&12 Sizes Matt Grey Color 3D Press on False Nails Custom Shimmer Shiny Rhinestones Decoration Pointed Coffin Shape Ballerina Fake Nails

Be the one with the best nails at any event with these ME 24 PCS&12 Sizes Matt Grey Color 3D Press on False Nails Custom Shimmer Shiny Rhinestones Decoration Pointed Coffin Shape Ballerina Fake Nails. It is easy to remove and apply, has long-lasting, durable stickers. The Rhinestones give an elegant and beautiful touch to the nails.

And, there are many other colors and designs you might want. Fool people to think you got these done from a salon!

ILNP Karma – Gold Flake Top Coat Nail Polish

Make your nails look like royalty with the ILNP Karma – Gold Flake Top Coat Nail Polish.  The stunning gold micro-flakes in a clear base add a sophisticated twist and is chip resistant, easy to remove. Also, it is of the most highest-quality and is cruelty-free. Look like million dollars with a stylish outfit and this nail polish on your nails wherever you go.

Modern Nails

Asooll 24Pcs False Nails Black Long Coffin Flame Fake Nails Full Cover Party Acrylic Nails Art for Women and Girls

These modern, edgy fake nails scream rebel and badass! These fake black long coffin nails, other than their fantastic design, are made with high-quality material. And offer different sizes, so you can choose a suitable size that fits.  Not to mention, it is easy to apply & remove. So what are you doing? Get yours now; it is a definite must-have for every woman!

SAMILLEE 24pcs 3D False Nails Bling Pearl Fake Full Nail Flower Printed Decor Nail Art Tip for Women and Girls

These endearing yet elegant fake nails are stylish and chic,but also has an edgy touch to it because of the color black. Also is Non-toxic and great for any event, uses nail tapes instead of nail glue, and is safe and easy to use.

Maniology (formerly bmc) 20pc Shape Shifters Negative Space Nail Wraps – Modern Geometric Stars Dots Abstract Pop Art Designs

Here are some Modern geometric designs Nail Wraps, if you want to create your nails at your home and let me mention that these will look great with a base color or a simple, clear coat. Now you can make adorable nails fast & easy! And can customize your look and fit for any nail size.

WOKOTO 6 Boxes Gold Hollow Nail Metal Studs Modern Cross Geometry Nail Art Charm 3D Nail Jewelry Decoration With 1Pc Tweezers And Picker Pencil

I present to you all this Gold Nail Art Charm 3D Nail Jewelry Decoration Set, which contains so many to choose from! Not to mention, at a low-cost price yet with excellent quality! It includes 6 Boxes of nail decoration, 1 Pc Wax pen rhinestone picker, 1 Pc Curved nippers tweezers, which make it easy to apply the nail decorations.

Lavender Nails

BloomingBoom False Nail Coffin 24 Pcs 12 Size Fake Nails Full Cover Long Fake Nail Salon Pre Design Ballerina Solid Acrylic Light Lavender Purple

Who does not love the color lavender? It is such a light feminine and graceful color that shows uniqueness and specialness. Bring more life to your nails and make them more attractive! It is easy to apply and is great for any event, and its package includes  24Pcs  False Nail, 2 Adhesive Stickers.

ZYBUXY clear manual purple press on nails Jelly Drill gel false Nails

Lavender and glitter! Such an elegant and beautiful match!

Now you can wear lavender nails and still look great for a party, and you won`t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a manicure at a salon with these Fake Nails. It is a 24pcs nails kit only for only 10 dollars, Purchase yours now!

ILNP Wrapped Up – Soft Lavender Holographic Nail Polish

I present to you the  ILNP Wrapped Up – Soft Lavender Holographic Nail Polish which has a light lavender color with a smooth and creamy finish with of course a little shimmer and shine. Not to mention it is of the highest quality. It is also cruelty-free, safe to use, no animal-derived ingredients are in the nail polish and products are not tested on animals, and non-toxic!

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