Best Lip Stains

Do you ever face a situation when you desire something better than lipstick?. The reason behind this desire is personalized pigment and handy level maintenance. Fortunately, the super solution is the Best lip stain.

What are the best lip stains?

A lip stain is believed as ideal if it contains some following features:

  • Light-weight
  • Lasting at least for 12 hours
  • Moderately thin
  • It should not be dried too quickly
  • Its accessories such as the applicator (brush) should be well-shaped.


We have covered up a list of best lip stains that contains all the salient features and its outcomes for your lips. This guide holds from the market with the complete pros and cons of every product.

List of Best Lip Stains 2020

Serial No.Product NameProduct ImageView Price on Amazon
1Revlon Longwearing Lip Color & Clear Lip Gloss
2Revlon Balm Stain
3Dear Darling Water Tint by Etude House
4Provocalips Lip Stain by Rimmel
5Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain
6Peripera Ink Airy
7E.L.F. Lip Stain
8Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain
9Pacifica Beauty Natural Lip Tint
10L'Oréal Paris lip stain
11Benefit Lip Tint
12Henné organics lip tint stain
13Golden Rose Lip Marker
14Wine Lip Tint
15SEPHORA Cream lip stain

1-Revlon Longwearing Lip Color & Clear Lip Gloss

This smooth formulation recognized as the best red lip stains that apply on easily and sets for constantly. This lip stain comfortably stays at least 16 hours. Mainly, there are multiple moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants infused in upper coat conditioning. Top coating avoids lips from feathering, scratches and environmental effects. It comes in a wide range of 24 shades with true color enrichment.

Nice in-depth color coverage with shine and clear texture. Its upgraded color-lock surface does not kiss-off or unwraps by movement. The combination of soy and chamomile extract brings in moisture and softness. Its application in moderate quantity furnish solid coat but excessive use can convert into the chunky surface. It remains fresh and the topcoat protects the prettiness for longer.


2-Revlon Balm Stain

This moisturizing balm stain is comfortable to apply. The infusion of natural ingredients such as coconut butter, mango, and shea glides well. Its lightweight allows a cozy lip staining experience without disturbing routine. It comes in 8 shades from which 5 shades are limited edition along with reacting tints for personalized staining according to pH. This multidimensional shiny coat and blushing stain have a triple butter compound that provides a creamy finish. It holds relatable pigmentation and one swipe application. It does not stink with strong synthetic smells but releases an acceptable wave of mint fragrance. Its crayon is flabby and retractable. It holds a high-impact vibrant color assortment with a non-sticky feel.

3-Dear Darling Water Tint by Etude House

ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Tint Cherry Ade | Bright Vivid Color Lip Tint with Moisturizing Pomegranate & Grapefruit Extract to Hydrate your Lips

This watery emulsion belongs to a Korean cosmetic brand. It is feasible to apply and endures for hours. It contains natural fruit extract of pomegranate, orange, cherry, strawberry, and grapefruit that foster moisturizing and revitalizing features in it. Etude’s lip tint absorbs quickly and develops shading without any glueyness. Its moist-fruity blend makes it the best lip stains for the wedding because it keeps the lips fresh during parties. This tint looks light-colored but behaves as dark and pulsating when applied. It provides flawless customization and control overshades and also comes with a good shelf-life. This is one of the best organic lip stains that saves you from constant reapplication and provides a glowing look for a long part of the day.

4-Provocalips Lip Stain by Rimmel

This flexible formulation delivers a smooth finish up to 16 hours with the same vibrancy even after kissing and easting. It is lightweight and does not form heavy layers. Lip movement does not affect its constancy and it locks in a glossy tone. It offers stunning looks and shines without any trace. First thin layers make the surface soft and then topcoat provides moisture, vitality, and additional polishing. The base layer grasps the upper coat and avoids rapid flaking. So, one must ensure that the basic coating is well-dried before applying the second coat.

This is the best lip stains for brides because of its transfer-proof feature which leaves no chance of early removal due to high movement (kiss, drink, etc). It stays solid and fresh during the whole wedding party even for the next morning.

5-Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain, Long-Lasting, Ultra-Moisturizing, Clean, Cruelty-Free

This is an irresistible lip and cheek stain that holds ultra-moisturizing ingredients. It provides non-drying natural shading and one can easily wear it. The addition of natural oils is an important aspect that makes it one of the best lip stains. There is a fine combination of essential oils such as olive, pumpkin seed, jojoba seed oil, wax that makes the lips and cheek softer and nourishing. There is no synthetic fragrance and does not contain any offensive smell. Red is perfectly red that means very true in described shades. It provides shine and hydration without any stickiness. You can expect that the color would stain and stay longer. It also holds a bunch of antioxidants that come from fruit extract of blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry.

 6-Peripera Airy Velvet Ink Stick

This soft and fresh matte texture is suitable for sensitive skin. Primarily one may check its reaction to the body by applying on the wrist or any less sensitive area before using it on the skin. Its texture adapts well to most of the skin tones and furnishes natural looks. It also works as a healer for chapped lips. Its applicator allows freedom to apply it to inside corners of the lips. Its color starts growing fainter a little gradually during the whole day but lasts till evening. In terms of texture, it is velvety and makes the application more feasible and fast. There is a strong smell that releases a nasty feeling first but after a short time its taste and smell fade out.

7-E.L.F. Lip Stain, Berry Blush

The elf lip stain is the pigment-rich formulation that simply draws on color without any streak and fading. This tint marker works for hours and its pen-like tips grants a clear look. Vitamin E compound assists to get hydrating and moisturizing lips. It is for people who hate glosses and lipsticks. This stain provides an all set drawing experience and makes them comfortable who feel burdened by heavy stuff. It does not transfer on biting and drinking. It seems less accurate in terms of colors because of crimson inclines towards orange. Stain tip structure brings high accuracy in drawing lips outline then fuller part readily fills the color. It just needs a slight licking to lips that evenly distributes the products to the whole area.

8-Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain By The Balm Cosmetics

A Multipurpose pigmented stain for cheeks and lips that do not rapidly fade out and streak. The infusion of Aloe forms its gel-based texture to grant fine control and more time for setting. Stainiac is a gel-based hint of tint for cheeks and lips that won’t streak or fade. Aloe-infused, a gel-based formula designed to give you more time before the stain sets. Stainiac increases the impact when we set its several layers and let them properly dry. Because Aloe it has fine water-consistency. The applicator size and formation is very good to apply this stain uniformly. It provides matte appearance with a firmness that enables its standing in the best lip stains that don’t transfer. This lip & cheek tint is suitable for routine use because of its natural hue.

9-Pacifica Beauty Natural Lip Tint Color Quench

Natural Lip tint fortified with the range of 6 flavors including sugar blossoming, coconut nectar, guava berry, coconut cherry, and others. This stain is completely vegan & cruelty-free. The brand also alleges regarding formulation is free from paraben, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. It is nourishing pure color and enriched by fatty acids and essential oils of avocado & coconut. It simply works to enhance natural shimmer and preserves the overall beauty. There is a tint including a nice recipe of taste which suits for regular use. It’s purely moisturizing the lips without any greasy and heavy feelings. Pacifica Beauty has developed one of the best lip stains in 2020 that is not flattering and overpowering but reveals a clean sheen. It is usable over lipstick to add a fresh smear without putting extra load.

10-L’Oréal Paris Signature Matte Lip Stain, High Pigment, Weightless Lasting Color

L’Oréal Matte Lip Stain is a lightweight tint that offers no makeup feel and saves lips from a high pigment load. It delivers long-lasting showoff and leaves a tainted effect for the whole day. This comfy and non-drying blend furnishes delicate flexibility to coat that it can freely move along with lips. In terms of affordability, this is the best cheap lip stains that offer intense pigmentation with less material and additional tint. It is quite wonderful, as the shade and constancy it delivers with a privileged feel and most importantly there is no weight to carry. There is no need to apply a bulky layer on your lips; a small amount of stain will cover the area while ensuring the best results.

11-Benefit Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

This Kiss-proof sheer color stain lasts for multiple hours. It holds the versatility in its function, as one coat furnishes simple & natural tint and the addition of multiple coats makes it stable and bolder. Benetint rose-tinted lip stain perfectly works for all complexions specifically best lip stains for dark skin. Simply apply and blend slightly, that’s all you need to get deeper enriched color. It promotes lustiness by wearing under lip gloss or lipstick. It does not have a glittering aspect that most of the stains contain. The lasting features make it the best lip stain because it does not fully come off without washing. There is no suffering because of being colorless or dull by mid of the day.

12-Henné Organics Lip Tint Stain – Organic Color Long Lasting Tints AZALEA

Luxurious lip stain adds a bright splash of liveliness. A contemporary blend of natural ingredients that bring it at the top of the best organic lip stains cadre. Castor seed, jojoba, avocado oils put in moisture and shine. One layer renders sheer shade for regular use and multiple coats carry an opaque impact to attend events. It is rare in lip products that there is no addition of synthetic dyes and fragrances but Henné made it true.

The hydrating smear with oil softens dry and chapped lips, useful antioxidants revitalize them. The inclusion of Vitamin E and antibacterial features secures lips from sunburn. It comes with the utility of being buildable for a deeper color.

13-Golden Rose Ultra Lasting Lip Stain Natural Finish Lip Marker

Golden Rose is an intense and bold lip color marker that lasts for hours. This tint dries fast so slight use of gloss keeps your lips moist. This color somewhat transfers but remains till evening. Chisel tip facilitates to outline accurately and streak-less filling the large sections.

Eating, drinking does not badly affect the tint. It offers a fine addition of color coating without any tackiness and weight. This water-based stain gently tints the lips with a moderate and natural finish. This marker is the best cheap lip stain with reasonable quantity and deep shading.

14-Wine Lip Tint, 6 Colors Natural Liquid Lip Tint Long Lasting with Lip Gloss Matte feature

Wine lip stain contains a velvety matte texture. It is waterproof and does not quickly rub off. There is a range of six colors but not so much variety. It is a package of experiencing wine and makeup efforts altogether. It moisturizes lips and revives the chapped one. This healing stain also recovers the damaged lips due to habitual lips licking.

Its application is amazingly simple. Just put it on, do a swift blot, afterward wear a transparent lip balm or gloss. This will last till night. The only thing to keep in mind is that its color is particularly vibrant and bold, so let’s choose according to occasions. Once applied, it will not get off promptly, not even on wiping and scrubbing with a wet fabric.

15-SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain

This Well-merged bold lip tint has all that is best for lipstick stains required. It smoothly applies and rich color glides well. This stain has high coverage with less material and rapidly transforms into a glossy layer from a soft texture. Avocado oil pours its velvetiness Matte appearance furnish a regular look without any severe humid feel and dehydration. This lip tint is highly pigmented and ideal regarding application but not so much resilient to water and lips movement.


The most crucial question regarding the subject is what are the best ways to remove lipstick stains from lips?

  • Use Vaseline for stain removal
  • Try Lip Balm
  • Olive or baby oil can wipe out lip tint
  • Rub a blend of honey and brown sugar
  • Apply a fingertip of cold cream and clean it with a tissue after wiping.



We have tried in lip stains reviews best to collect factual information based on experiences, reviews, and expert opinions to guide our readers about the best lip stain. This guide has included all the best lip stains and their benefits & limitations.

Affiliate disclosure  We are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but we promise to only show you items that we truly love and recommend.




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